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Salad dressing has never been so easy!

Chef-quality dressing in an instant

Create fresh salad dressings in an instant using Mix’eas patented dressing-maker. Just insert one of the many different dressing capsules, or fill your own, and push the button to produce high-quality dressings for you and your guests.

Developed in France, Mix’eas products are worthy of the french gastronomy.

Product made in france

Made In France

Our products are made in France and respect the standards of french cuisine to offer you and your guests the most astonishing and healthy culinary experiences.

Minute dressing

Perfect blend with original recipes in an instant at home or at the picnic table. Mix’eas brings you the best flavors for your salads.

Healthy design

We believe that not only the quality of the ingredients, but the choice of materials for our products matter.

Mix'eas will be shipping soon.

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